Camjam Robot 20161022 224830 600w Raspberry Pi 3 20160809 182609 IR Cut 20161230 160431 800w
Raspberry Pi Zero ‘powered’ robot made
using the CamJam robot kit
Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi camera with infra-red LEDs &
an IR filter that can be ‘cut’ for day/night use


A ‘virtual’ space for digital makers

This web system, which is being progressively developed, aims to provide support for digital ‘makers’ in and around Marlborough, Wiltshire and is maintained by members of the Marlborough Area Maker Group (MAMG).

News and Events

Maker Group Meeting: the next meeting of the Maker Group has not yet been scheduled but will be early on in 2018 and will be at The Green Dragon in Marlborough.

Town Hall Raspberry Jams: a series of public Digital Making events at Marlborough Town Hall is now being planned. The first event will on Sunday 4th March, with a second event scheduled for Sunday 20th May, so put these dates in your diary now smiley - click here for more details

St John’s Digital Making Club: this weekly lunchtime club at the School has now started, thanks to a grant from the Community Youth Fund.

Pride Homepage

Digital Making Kits: all three of these Kits: Electronics, Image Taking and Servo & Stepper Motor, are now available to order on-line. Click here for details.

The definition of ‘making’ is somewhat wide, but is generally taken to be a technology-based extension of DIY, that whilst it involves programming and code development, is more concerned with the creation and development of physical things rather than just the use of software. The activity scope is therefore quite broad, embracing electronics, photography, robotics, 3-D printing, music, artwork/installations, etc., but within the Group there would generally always be a digital element to the activities i.e. digital ‘making’.

Through the use of this web system and other activities, apart from providing mutual support for projects undertaken by members of the Group, a key set of aims is to:

  • encourage skills development and expertise in digital systems/computing and embedded software for all age groups, but in particular for the under-18’s;
  • establish citizen science and ‘internet of things’ (IoT) activities that encourage collaborative working for social/community benefit outcomes for the area;
  • support the combination of new digital technologies with craft and engineering expertise to develop creative and fun ‘things’; and
  • encourage creative and fun ‘things’ to evolve into new business ideas and to support the establishment of potential new businesses in the area.

To support the educational aims, Marlborough Area Development Trust (MADT) is making available a number of Digital Making Kits that together with a Raspberry Pi can be used to explore various projects and digital making methods.

Events are also being planned that promote ‘digital making’, with workshops to help users with their Digital Making Kits, and to generally encourage everyone to ‘have a go’.

More information about Makerspace: