Tesco "Bags of Help" grant application Nov-Dec 2018


Tesco Marlborough01 900w

Tesco ‘Bags of Help’

 Digital making equipment & training


* This grant application closed *
* on the 31st December 2018 *
* but we aim to apply for *

* further grants in due course *

* which we hope you will support *


Tesco Voting01 800w


2nd StJ 3D Printer 20190315 123020 800w Update March 2019

The Tesco grant money has let us buy a very advanced 3D printer for use at St John's School, which is already up and running, as shown in the image on the right.

Our ongoing project, that has been running for two years, has already established a very popular Digital Making Club at the School and the new 3D printer (the second that we have funded) will further support the use of advanced Design & Technology / Computer Science activities.

Unfortunately we did not get sufficient support (votes!) to receive the full amount of grant money we needed to do everything we had planned, but we would like to thank everyone that did vote for us.

To complete the work we have started, we will at the earliest opportunity submit another Tesco 'Bags of Help' grant application.


Every little (vote!) helps

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