Jamming in Marlborough


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Marlborough Town Hall

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Sunday 20th May - 10:00am to 4:00pm

“Jamming in Marlborough” on Sunday 20th May from 10:00am through to 4:00pm, in the Court Room of Marlborough Town Hall, is our second, and even more fun packed, Raspberry Pi computer event, known as a Raspberry Jam. Anyone that is interested in getting to grips with the rapidly developing use of technology both in the workplace and society, or just wants some fun playing with all sorts of digital projects, should drop in to this free event, bringing all their friends and family with them! Everyone is welcome!

Below is an outline of the demonstrations and the multiple hands-on workshop that are already scheduled - but you should click on the links at the bottom of the page for more details on each of the exciting activities that are already planned. Please note however that some of the workshop events have limited places, so you should sign up early to reserve a 'time slot' - just click through to the details of an individual workshop to see how to make a booking.

The currently scheduled demonstrations and workshops will include the following:

  • Micro Pi Noon battles - balloon-popping robots, the no-contact robot war game that originated at Pi Wars.
  • A presentation from the Oracle Bloodhound Data Analytics team on how Raspberry Pi’s are used to collect data from the BLOODHOUND SSC, the vehicle attempting the 1,000mph World Land Speed Record with:
    • a VR simulation! Find out what it is like to drive the BLOODHOUND SSC, and
    • an Anki car race track with a Raspberry Pi collecting the car performance data and uploading it to the Oracle Cloud, which then feeds it back to the Court Room to display how the drivers are doing!
  • Additional demonstrations of:
    • Raspberry Pi controlled home automation, and
    • How to control servo and stepper motors
  • A series of hands-on workshops using the Raspberry Pi, with pre-bookable individual 'time slots':
    • "Getting going" with your Raspberry Pi
    • Electronics prototyping - find out how to "breadboard" and control circuits with the Raspberry Pi
    • Image taking - find out to how to take pictures and videos with a camera connected to a Raspberry Pi and using code to control the action.
    • Controlling robots - how to master your own 'autonomous' vehicle!
    • Make a start with python coding...


With your support the Marlborough Area Maker Group plans to host regular Raspberry Jams because:

  • We believe that digital making with computers is not only a fun thing to do, but also because;
  • One of the core objectives of our Group is to encourage skills development and expertise in digital systems/computing and embedded software for all age groups, but in particular for the under-18’s, as we think that it is vital that the younger generation master these skills.  

If you would like to learn more, help, or participate in some way, please contact us by email here.


Detailed information for the 20th May 2018 event: