Jamming in Marlborough

Marlborough Town Hall

Sunday 1st November 2020

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The next “Jamming in Marlborough” is currently scheduled for Sunday 1st November 2020 in the Court Room of Marlborough Town Hall from 10:00am to 4:00pm. By this time we all hope theat the current challenging times will be behind us and that a fun day out will be very welcome!

This fifth 'Jamming' continues the Town Hall events we started in March 2018 that aim to show how easy it is to program a small and extremely low-cost computer like the Raspberry Pi or other small microcontrollers like Arduino, and to get going with Digital Making.

Digital Making, combining Design & Technology with Computer Science, is all about the creation and development of physical things rather than just the use of software. The activity scope is therefore quite broad, embracing electronics, photography, robotics, 3D printing, music, artwork/installations, etc.

With support from across the Marlborough area community and in particular from Marlborough Town Council, the Marlborough Area Maker Group hosts Raspberry Jams and other events because:

  • We believe that digital making with computers is not only a fun thing to do, but also because;
  • One of the core objectives of our Group is to encourage skills development and expertise in digital systems/computing and embedded software for all age groups, but in particular for the under-18’s, as we think that it is vital that the younger generation master these skills in the context of the extraordinarily rapid Fourth Industrial Revolution is now upon us.

The planning of this event will be progressed as well as it is possible during the current 'social distancing' regime - but if you would like to learn more, help, or participate in some way, please contact us by email here.




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