Some project ideas 


Lots of short descriptions of new projects that you might like to undertake are being added here over time - keep coming back to this web page to see the latest ideas that you might want to consider.


Robotics projects:



Hexapods can be made from laser cut and 3D printed components and multiple servos.


Check out this YouTube link to look at a fairly sophisicated version:

But these video links show much simpler hexapods: 

and finally this link shows a very simple design approach that just uses 3 servos and should be do-able with some basic laser cut components:


Robot arms:

Robot arm projects can start off being relatively simple, but more 'intelligence' can be progressively added such as adding a camera to enable object recognition.

This web page with an embedded video shows an open source project for a very professional robotic arm: 



The MeArm project however provides a simple starter project that can be more easily tackled with the build components being defined at the Thingiverse web site here: