CamJam EduKit#3 and Raspberry Pi Zero Robot


CamJam EduKit 3 20170220 131051 600w CamJam EduKit 3 20170220 131348 600w Camjam Robot 20161022 224830 600w


The CamJam EduKit #3, developed by the Cambridge Raspberry Jam (see full details here), provides all the basic components for building a 'first' robot that can be remotely controlled or run autonomously, avoiding obstacles using an ultrasonic sensor or by using a 'follow a line' sensor.

CamJam provide comprehensive build instructions online - and if you want to use the box as the robot chassis, as has been suggested by other makers, then all you need to add is a suitable Raspberry Pi to control it, along with battery power.

However a more sturdy robot can be achieved in any number of ways, for example the image above on the right shows all the kit can be easily housed in an electrical enclosure.

Below are some more detailed images of this build with a Raspberry Pi Zero used as the controller.


CamJam 20170220 150548 600w Camjam 20160909 195839 400w Camjam 20161022 161544 800w Camjam 20160909 194919 800w CamJam Web Interface 20170220 145954 600w


The current status of this build - no maker project is ever actually complete smiley - has not yet implemented the line following function, but it has additionally installed a camera. The management software has also been considerably extended so that everything is controlled through a browser running on a tablet or smart 'phone. The software allows different robot 'modes' to be put into action, and if one of the video mode options is selected the video 'seen' by the robot is streamed back to the tablet.

Full build details are being developed that will be available to Maker Group members in the private area of this support system but do contact us if this project interests you.


Finally below is a short video clip that shows a basic build that uses the box as a 'chassis' with the line following sensor fitted and operating:



short video clip showing the CamJam robot in line following mode
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