Maker projects


Camjam Robot 20161022 224830 600w IR Cut 20161230 160431 800w Bee Bot Bird Box Build 14 STS Robot 20161023 111134 600w


Making fun things that are ‘digitally managed’ has never been easier with the availability of very cheap, fully functional computers like the Raspberry Pi, and microcontrollers like Arduino. Taking the first steps with anything new is never easy, but acquiring digital skills is important for everyone, and is especially important for the under-18’s as their work and living environment will be dominated by digital technology in ways that we cannot even predict at present.

A key aim of the Marlborough area Maker Group is to encourage and support the acquisition of these skills and this set of pages profiles a range of ‘making’ projects to encourage everyone to ‘have a go’. If any of these projects do inspire you to ‘have a go’, but you think you may need a bit of help then do contact at makerspace@marlborougharea.org or why not come along to one of our regular meetings.

We will also be promoting our Group and what ‘digital making’ projects can easily be done with a set of demonstrations, as illustrated below, that we aim to show at a number of community venues in and around Marlborough


Marlborough Maker Group mini roadshow


Different types of ‘making’ projects: