"JAMMING" in Marlborough Library

16th & 23rd September 2017 - from 9:30 - 12:30


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Come and see what Digital Making is all about

Drop in to Marlborough Library on Saturday morning 16th or 23rd September to see Raspberry Pi's being used in a variety of ways.

These extraordinary, low cost computers can be used as:

  • a general purpose computer,
  • to start to learn coding,
  • to explore a wide range of image taking methods,
  • to build robots,
  • to make music, art work, and so much more .............


Come and see the new Digital Making Kits being used and how they can help support STEM learning:

  • See how the Electronics Kit can be used to explore electronic circuits controlled by a Raspberry Pi using Python coding to:
    • switch LED lights on/off
    • measure the light level, and
    • measure the local temperature
  • See the Image Taking Kit being used to take still images and video clips with Raspberry Pi/Python coding methods to:
    • stream live video
    • create timelapse videos, and
    • learn how to make stop-motion videos (just like Wallace & Gromit!)
  • Understand, with the Servo & Stepper Motor Kit, how a Raspberry Pi with Python coding can be used control servo and stepper motors - learn about some basic ways of controlling things in the physical world!










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