Explorer Scouts: Digital Making Workshops 2018


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Workshop Programme

This series of six workshops, run from 10th January 2018 through to 21st March 2018, introduces Explorer Scouts to Digital Making activities that are fun, as well as supporting key Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills development. It should be noted however that the workshop programme is not just for Explorers that may be taking STEM related subjects in their educational studies, but will be of interest to anyone that wants to gain some understanding of the rapidly developing use of technology both in the workplace and generally within society. 

It is now commonly understood that an extraordinarily rapid Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, driven by a range of technologies, which is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological spheres. Equipping the under-18s for the changing world of work that is emerging is therefore becoming ever more vital, especially in the context of recent reports which estimate that 90% of all new jobs will require digital skills to some degree.

The detailed week-by-week workshop programme is still being developed, with the range of activities being further refined, but the activities are planned to include the following:

The format of the workshop programme is:

  • to provide in the first session an introduction to the Raspberry Pi, the small computer used to control all the projects developed in the various activities;
  • participants then practice and become familiar with prototyping and electronic component 'basics'  by working through some of the projects set out in the Digital Making Electronics Kit;
  • workshop participants can then work on any of the other defined activity areas, in any sequence they choose, albeit within the constraints of the availability of equipment.

A key outcome from the series of workshops, apart from providing a general introduction to digital making, is to encourage Explorer Scouts, individually or in teams to 'take on' a more stretching/longer term project of their own, for which additional support and coaching will be provided.

Examples of such projects could be the development of a fully functional 'autonomous' robot (click here for a detailed project brief), production of time lapse videos (click here for an outline project brief), production of stop motion videos, or an environment/wildlife surveillance project, etc.