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The Raspberry Pi Image Taking Kit provides the components and instructions to let you explore how a Raspberry Pi (not supplied) with Python coding can take images in various ways with a USB camera. Each image taking method uses a subset of the components, with the assembly of each method generally building upon the previous method. All the methods then use a  Raspberry Pi to control and manage how the components operate.

Any model of Raspberry Pi can be used but a Raspberry Pi 3 is recommended and you should also be using at least the latest 'Jessie' version of Raspbian – if you have an earlier operating system version, you will need to carry out an update before installing the software and documentation for this Kit. We have now also completed some initial tests with the very latest 'Stretch' version of Raspbian and have not, as yet, seen any issues.

For Python coding, whilst some knowledge is useful this is not essential since the kit provides an opportunity to explore and start to understand coding with Python.

The kit comes with a Raspberry Pi GPIO template to assist in identifying the correct connections to the Pi’s GPIO pins, as shown in the image below right. An included ‘Getting started’ leaflet also shows you how to download a series of detailed support documents as well as the Python programs for each of the image taking methods.


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Kit component summary:

1 x USB camera

1 x passive buzzer

1 x camera tripod

1 x PIR movement detection module

1 x 170 point breadboard

1 x 90o male-to-female pin adaptor


9 x male-to-female jumper leads

3 x 470Ω resistors

3 x female-to-female jumper leads

1 x tactile button

2 x male-to-male jumper leads


The Image Taking Methods:

The Image Taking Kit provides the components listed above for use with a Raspberry Pi (not supplied) to assemble and explore Python software for these methods:

  • Image streaming: a set up utility that streams a live video from the camera to a browser.
  • Button taking image: take a single image when a button is clicked and store it in a defined folder.
  • Button taking image with LED indicator: take a single image when a button is clicked, showing different coloured lights on a red, green and blue (RGB) LED, through the image taking cycle, and store the image in a defined folder.
  • Button taking image with LED and buzzer indicators: take a single image and store it when a button is clicked and a timer countdown completes, with different coloured lights and buzzer sounds indicating how the image taking cycle progresses.
  • PIR taking image: an image is taken and stored when movement is detected by a Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensor.
  • Video recording: instead of single images, short video clips are recorded using the button clicking, LED and buzzer indicating cycles as above.
  • Time lapse video recording: video content created from individual images captured at defined intervals, to create a speeded up video of events over a longer period of time.
  • Stop motion video: animated video content created from sequences of individual images taken where small changes in a scene are made - see the test video clip below.

Instructions are provided to download all the documentation and the programs for each of the methods above.

This kit is aimed at ages 10 and above, although with adult supervision, ages as young as 7 should be able to assemble the components and use the different methods, although at this early age help will be required with the documentation and the Python coding may not be fully understood.


Workshops and other demonstration events in the Marlborough area are being planned to provide support in the use of all the Digital Making Kits. If you would like to be kept informed about upcoming workshops and events then please click here to send us an email - it would also be particularly useful if you could let us know if you would be interested in purchasing any of the Digital Making Kits as that would greatly help with our planning.



short test video clip showing stop motion with a Lego character
which has been quickly produced (and it shows!) - we are sure you could do better.
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