Digital Making Events and Workshops

A key set of aims for the Makerspace project and members of the Maker Group is to:

  • encourage skills development and expertise in digital systems/computing and embedded software for all age groups, but in particular for the under-18's;
  • establish citizen science and 'internet of things' (IoT) activities that encourage collaborative working for social/community benefit outcomes for the area;
  • support the combination of new digital technologies with craft and engineering expertise to develop creative and fun 'things'; and
  • encourage creative and fun 'things' to evolve into new business ideas and to support the establishment of potential new businesses in the area.

To promote digital making to the wider community and to develop these aims, events and workshops are being planned to encourage everyone to 'have a go'.

The list below, which we hope to progressively grow, provides details of the events/workshops so far developed: